Quality System
We established EPSILON in 1995 by a specialist staff who has knowledge and experience in quality and customer satisfaction in the sector we started in 1991 in order to serve abroad in domestic and foreign electrical contracting and trade affairs.
Our company is growing continuously since the day it was founded; has become a very important solution center / brand of the sector with its fields of activity, customer relations, developing specialist staff, people, environment, importance given to social values ​​and unlimited energy all over this area.

Epsilon Electric sees its customers as stakeholders and creates value for them.
He is aware that he is a customer who makes himself a center and brand of solution. As a solution partner, even if the customer is satisfied with less, it works for its maximum benefit and continuous satisfaction.

Quality in the Service and the Service
Epsilon Electric keeps a quality front and back in the service to keep customer satisfaction constant.
It is in constant development for the quality of its products and service. The organization has built on continuing education for continuous improvement. For this, scientific technological developments closely follow.

Our employees
Epsilon Electric knows that the quality of the product and service depends on the quality of the employees.
All the employees, from the engineer to the cleaner in the team, are aware of the importance of team understanding. It promotes participation in social activities as sponsors of social, cultural, artistic organizations as well as professional training and development of employees.